December: Toy Hacking Tuesdays

Germaine Koh, "Call" in progress

Germaine Koh, “Call” in progress

Get into the spirit of the season by giving new life to an old toy or or new meaning to a broken gadget.

League is toy hacking Tuesday evenings in December, from 5pm on.

Bring toys and gadgets we can crack and rewire, electronic tools and components if you have them, and other materials we could use as grafts.

Disclaimer: we have limited knowledge and equipment, and specialize only in voiding warranties.

Barbie Liberation Organization: in 1993, RTMark switched the voice boxes of 300+ Barbie and GI Joe figures and placed these into stores, in an act of “shopgiving”.

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PLAYER 1 is the roller derby name of artist Germaine Koh.

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