About League

League is an open group of people who gather to play sports and games invented by members of the community. Each game, its equipment, its playing field, and its strategies evolve through trial and improvisation. It’s problem-solving as play.

We gather on the last Sunday of each month, generally starting at noon. Drop in to exercise your strategic instincts, stretch rules and limits, and workshop ideas for action.

Elm Park is at 41 Ave @ Elm St in Vancouver-Kerrisdale.

Special events & other activities

  • The n Games. An innovative tournament concept pitting teams from different backgrounds against each other, playing League games. Versions have been presented in Vancouver and Toronto.
  • Pushup Kucha:  Game designer Ian Verchere came up with this presentation concept. Presenters are challenged to convey what they care about in 12 minutes. The rule for these presentations is that all presentations must be accompanied by physical movement of the audience.
  • Challenges:  Would your group like to challenge another group to play a game of your or our choice?
  • Workshops: Play and problem-solving can be effective tools for understanding and building teams. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.
  • Bean Race 2013. A slow race to new heights, in the field house yard.