Games – October 2012

Some ideas to try…

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Field Carcassonne

Carcassonne board, from Wikimedia Commons

What would Carcassonne principles be like translated into a game physically played on a field that was not defined at the outset and which only develops as the game is played? It could be a ball-and-goal based game in which the field is chalked as the game progresses, making it more difficult to navigate. Or one in which movement has to happen differently in different areas as they develop.

Street Pong

A game I once hatched to be played in the street, possibly with parkour moves. Two teams link up in straight lines to act as the ‘paddles’ while individuals act as the ‘ball’, trying to score points by reaching the goals. Like the video game, the ‘ball’  changes direction when it comes into contact with either paddle. It’s a game of individuals versus groups. Probably best played in a space, like a street, that is enclosed on the sides.


Courtesy of Ian, who used to play a version over their roof as a kid. The idea seems to be to play a ball off a roof while you are off the ground and without it touching the ground. It could be an interesting game moving through streets.
Version of roofball by YouTube user Ordainmentmusic

Game-design challenge

Rock-Paper-Scissors from Wikimedia Commons

I’ve been pondering whether a Rock-Paper-Scissors-based sport is possible, and what it would look like. or RoShamBo or Jan-ken-pon has a lot of cultural variants. The basic concept is that each type is strong over another, but weak compared to a third. The concept has even expanded to include other options (see Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock).

My question is: how could RPS be expanded into a sport in which the strategies were physically executed? Could there be an element of the game that took into account how well or strongly the strategy were executed?


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PLAYER 1 is the roller derby name of artist Germaine Koh.

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