Upcoming play 27 January — signs & signals

Hobo Signs, from http://www.we-find-wildness.com/2010/05/hobo-signs/

This month’s League play date celebrates Family Literacy Day with games related to signs and signals. The challenge could be to develop an updated set of hobo signs. It could be to play a game whose rules are unspoken, or one in which tools change meaning. It could be an experiment with different kinds of flags. As usual, the games will change and develop as we go. Contact us if you have ideas, or just come prepared to improvise.

When: Sunday 27 January, noon to 3 pm
Where: Elm Park, Kerrisdale (41 Avenue @ Elm)

Ben Rubin’s “San José Semaphore”, a code-based artwork atop Adobe’s HQ. Anyone can attempt to crack the code.

League is an open gathering for playing invented games and sports, to experience improvisation, performance, strategy, and critical thinking as play.

Literacy isn’t only about language; it’s about learning and problem-solving. This Family Literacy Day edition of League is organized in collaboration with Decoda Literacy Solutions. Their blog includes ideas and references for learning by playing together, including physician Stuart Brown’s inspiring TED talk about the importance of play to human development and intelligence:

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PLAYER 1 is the roller derby name of artist Germaine Koh.

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